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2020/01/10 02:42

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All customer data is automatically removed from our records shortly after the customer ceases being a paying member. It is important to note that the person responsible for updating our warrant canary are located outside of any of the countries where our servers are located. Our customer’s privacy is of top most importance to us.

We rent 24 servers in 19 different countries and are continuously expanding our server park. The server locations are France, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Germany, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and Ukraine. For us it is impossible to have physical control over all widespread servers. At the moment we are using the nameservers of OpenDNS. Our website has been completely developed by ourselves and we don’t use any external services.

We keep gateway performance data such as CPU loading, I/O rates and maximum simultaneous connections so that we can manage and optimize BlackVPN called out for lying to customers our network. We cannot locate an individual user by IP address and timestamp. There are no logs written to disk on our gateways.

2Q== Libertyvpn Net

Firefox: Privacy Related “About:Config” Tweaks

All requests to Google DNS appear to originate form one of our offshore servers and don’t correlate to the user. We don’t recommend software kill switches as they are subject to failure. We recommend that users block all ports BlackVPN called out for lying to customers on their router except for 1194 OpenVPN and then use the VPN to provide access to the Internet. ISP DNS leaks are most easily eliminated by changing all DNS servers on the users devices to ones not associated with their ISP.

We accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Cash, and Money Orders. We keep user authentication and billing information on independent platforms. One platform is operated out of the United States of America and the other platform is operated out of Nevis. We offer the ability for the customer to permanently delete their payment information from our servers at any point.

Why Do I Need A Vpn?

There are no tools which monitor our customers. We have techniques which don’t require any logging to prevent the abuse our service. Each server is handled with the jurisdiction at the servers’ locations. At the moment we use Public DNS and and currently we are working hard on implementing our own DNS servers with a secured channel. We strongly recommend to use OpenVPN since it is the most safe and uses the strongest encryption (TLS Protocol with 1024-bit key length and AES-256-CBC crypto-algorithm).

How To Use A Vpn

Our client enables DNS leak protection by default. We provide private DNS servers, reverse proxies aka SMARTDNS and of course IP Modulation. IP modulation shares a pool of IP addresses with dozens or even hundreds of other users and each connection has a random chance to modulate the IP.


The anonymity and privacy of our users is our highest priority and the Perfect Privacy infrastructure was built with this in mind. Yes, each server pushes DNS settings which are within our own network, these servers are recursors so the source IP of all queries are that of our own servers. We do not keep logs that could match time stamp of a user. We use internally written tools to mitigate attacks against our VPN servers as well as DDoS attacks originating from clients behind our servers.

We have servers located in Switzerland, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Romania, France, Hong-Kong, USA, UK and Canada. Once connected to the VPN all DNS requests are sent to our pool of internal recursive DNS servers. We do not use forwarding DNS servers that forward the requests to a public DNS server such as OpenDNS or Google.

Those storages are encrypted and ddos protected through our own front/middle-nodes. We will block traffic if our servers are used to flood or disturb any target/host and anybody complains about. Remote-Portforwards could be traced back to your account. We will send notice to your account for incoming DMCA and close your Remote-Portforward!

And most importantly for privacy focused users, Bitcoin via BitPay. We never keep traffic logs, and we also don’t keep any logs that might enable someone to match an IP and timestamp back to a user. We work entirely on the basis of shared IPs, meaning that a single IP does BlackVPN called out for lying to customers not track back to an individual user. For the purpose of improving network resource allocation, we record aggregate data-transfer amounts and choice of server location, neither of which are data points that can identify a specific user as part of an investigation.

Yes, Bittorrent and other file sharing is generally allowed. However, at certain locations that are known to treat copyright violations rather harshly we block the most popular torrent trackers to reduce the BlackVPN called out for lying to customers impact of this problem. Currently this is the case for servers located in the United States and France. Since we are not bound by U.S. law, gag orders like National Security Letters do not apply to us.

FrootVPN takes the privacy of all of its users serioulsy and therefore we do not store any logs and we do not monitor any traffic in our network. We have firmware control over our physical servers, however we outsource our data-center BlackVPN called out for lying to customers usage through OVH hosting. While we currently only have servers based in Canada and US, our expansion plans include Germany, China, France, Italy, and more. 11 Our DNS servers run on the local VPN network and proxy to our host node.

At this time we can say it will be very soon. Since no information is stored on any of our servers there is nothing that we can take down. We reply to the data center or copyright holder that we do not log our users’ traffic and we use shared IP-addresses, which make impossible to track who downloaded any data from the internet using our VPN. And of course, every jurisdiction where each of our servers are, for their specific cases.

Our servers are located in Stockholm Sweden. Yes, we have our own DNS servers for both client recursor as well as authoritive NS for our domains.

We only require a first name, country and email address to sign up unless you are paying by credit card. Due to the obscene number of charge backs we were getting on credit card transactions we had to begin collecting addresses and phone numbers for credit card transactions. When an order is placed the webserver logs the IP and time of order. Other actions on the website will also trigger the same logging event. As much as I would love to toss these in the trash it would be impossible to keep the servers online if I did so.


2Q== Libertyvpn Net

All billing information is stored on different servers and cannot be linked to users by any means. In order to protect our users from abuse we keep our servers safeguarded against malware and abuse-software, for example by constantly providing security updates and blocking unnecessary ports. We do not monitor any activities of our users, but retain the possibility to block ports which are reported to be used exceptionally often for abuse (e.g. spamming).